Christmas Party kiddos

I love any excuse at all to dress these kids up to look cute and matchy (I know I hated it when I was younger and swore I would never do it… but here I am, loving every second, whoops) The combination of Bennetts School program and the girls just needing cute Christmas dresses here they are… amazing!

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Let there be lights!

Last year we were barely getting our bearings straight here in Walla Walla before it was time to put up Christmas lights… so I guess it just didn’t happen. This year I was determined. I got it all started and had Joel and the kiddos finish up the job. Joel being a tiny bit afraid of heights chose to keep them low but I guess I don’t blame him too much. Too bad I couldn’t get him to get up there in the Buddy the Elf costume we had from the day before wine tasting 🙂 I love still settling in over a year later and making this home more ours everyday.

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Frist snow of the season!

Snow doesn’t come around here to often and you can tell as soon as the kiddos wake up to an early morning announcement that school is two hours late they all start planning the sledding in the front yard. I loved watching all the kids walk down the street with their sleds and helmets (thank god). They started running, jumping and shooting down the drive way and into the street. It was fun to hear the giggles and watch all the excitement from the living room as I snuggled with my coffee and my two girlies who weren’t too fond of the cold. Hopefully there are many more snowy morning like this again this season!

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Because sometimes you just aren’t quite sure what to wear to bed. I had taken off our sheets for washing and Annie was ready for bed. Yes she sleeps in our bed and has for about a year. She sleeps right here at the end and I love every second of it. You know everything you tell yourself you will never do as a parent… Here I am eating my words once again. “I would never want a child in our bed, Joel and I need alone time…” whelp here she is and she is adorable! These are the moments not only do I want to remember but I want to show to these adorable kids about 25 years from now when they tell me they know everything about parenting 🙂IMG_0040

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Finding the perfect pumpkin with Mabs

I have been reminded many times since my third little babe arrived that finding time to do something with one kid is nearly impossible. So I signed my youngest and myself up for a toddler group every Friday morning. It cracks me up how much she loves it. I love watching her play with the other kids and stand there skeptically and silent during circle time. We ventured out with numerous toddlers to the neighboring pumpkin patch and the morning was a sunny beautiful day… oh my girl is beautiful.

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Babes turns 2.

I have been so terrible about keeping up with our family pictures that it just seems like yesterday I was writing everything about our newly 1 year old baby… This birthday marks the first that I am just down right bummed out. I let another year pass! I spent the whole day yesterday watching her from across the room imagining how fast the next year is going to fly by and she will be a bright and crazy 3 year old. We no longer have a bumbly, uncoordinated, non-verbal baby in our midst… She is loud, funny, beautiful, opinionated, rough and tumble, determined, snuggly, happy girl.

A few notable things that I want to remember about this girl at 2. She loves her mama and can snub off someone from across that room that even tries looking at her. And then the next second she will be handing out kisses and waves and telling long stories that only her mom can understand. She LOVES babies, getting her hair done and doing anything daredevilish that scares me to death. She wants to be potty trained so bad but hasn’t gotten anywhere near actually going in the potty.

She has two shirts that she calls “my shirt!” and will get mad if anyone suggests she wear something else. She is our only kid that has lasted to her 2nd birthday still in her crib…. probably because by the third I have learned it is not a fun milestone.

I couldn’t imagine a better fit into our little family. You are growing up way way too fast but I couldn’t be prouder of the little girl you are becoming. We love you to the moon sweet girl!015 020 024 033 052

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Preschool for our Middle…

Sweet Annie. I was so excited to watch you walk away in your tiny little owl backpack that looked enormous on you. You had a beautiful tutu on matching your huge smile. You couldn’t wait to finally get to go to your school. Your excitement was fueled by the fact that you knew a handful of the kids in your class and you wanted to go play with them. We all huddled outside your class and I could tell you were a little nervous picking out your name card. I gave you a kiss and walked away…. Little did you know your mom burst into tears as she drove away, your little sister in the back seat yelling “I go to school!!!!” It all happens way too fast!!005 009 011FullSizeRender

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