The loss of our son

On Saturday August 30, I was 18 weeks pregnant and my water broke. After seeing our Dr. and a specialist at UW labor and delivery they confirmed that the outlook was very grim. All of the Drs agreed that we had a 90% chance of loosing both the twins within the week.

The specialist at UW confirmed my suspicion that we were expecting two boys.

We were absolutely devastated. We were sent home to wait it out, this was our only option other than giving up immediately.

After 2 days at home I was taken to the hospital with complications, and after a few long days our first son (Baby A) was stillborn on September, 7 at 10 am. We did not hold him but did have a few minutes to pray for him and say our goodbyes. The nurse was able to get his little footprints.

We were deeply sad but after my labor stopped naturally the Drs had renewed hope that our second son (Baby B) might try to stay put for a little while longer.
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