Still praying and waiting…

37 Days on strict bed rest and counting…During my time in bed my Mom has been here everyday keeping me in bed and feeding me lots of yummy food. All of our families and friends have been such great support with their prayers and care packages. We deeply appreciate everyone during this hard time.

Today we went to visit Dr. Wall at Overlake Hospital. We have been alternating between Dr. Moruzzi, our Dr here, and Dr Wall each week to check on Bennett. We love Dr. Wall! He is always so optimistic and really helps us keep our hopes up. We got a 15 minute long 3D video of baby Bennett (a 2.5 minute portion is above) He says that baby looks great and so far so good.

Getting through the next four or five weeks will be a huge milestone. We are 23 weeks and if we can make it to 28 weeks he will have a good chance of survival with minimal long term effects. I am hoping for a christmas baby 🙂
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  1. Love the ultrasound pics!

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