Visiting Dr. Wall at 24 weeks

Short video of the ultrasound. He looks like he may be singing in there.

Being cute at 24 weeks and 4 Days!

Sticking out his tongue…

And showing off his fists!

Day 45 in bed… Back up to see Dr. Wall in Bellevue today. He says that everything is still on track and the next 3 weeks are very important.

He spent a lot of time getting some great 3D pictures and another incredible video. I have posted a few minutes of the video at the top. He seems to be chatting to himself in there šŸ™‚ must take after his daddy. But we are wondering a bit where he got those great big puckery lips.

He did a growth analysis and he is weighing in at approximately 1 lb and 11 oz! This is just a bit ahead of schedule.

We got a shot of steroids that stimulate lung growth just in case he decides to join us too early… but we are hoping this will just be a precaution.

We are still praying for a Christmas baby and I feel like we are on our way.

Thank you for all of your wonderful thoughts and prayers!!

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