So this is what outside is like…

I guess when you have a baby in December it isnt too crazy to have them not see what outside is really like until they are a couple months old… but since Bennett has spent most of his life inside a hospital room it felt extra special to get outside in our backyard.

We just spent some time walking around the yard and I was a little worried about his little head getting too much sunshine so I found this hat… We didnt tell him he looked a little like a garden gnome.

He sure loves being outside and I know it will be part of everyday as long as it is sunny!

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2 Responses to So this is what outside is like…

  1. Lori Hopkins says:

    So glad you guys are able to be back home. You and Bennett both look great! Hope we can come over and visit soon.Lori

  2. linda says:

    So nice to see him home again. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.,Bruce and Linda

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