I swear you will be friends someday…

Bennett had his very first play date with another baby… His good friend Hadley Block and her parents, our friends Andy and Shannon Block, stopped in to say hi on their trip home from Switzerland. She is a beautiful little girl and happily makes little cooing noises and plays. Joel and I had kinda forgotten that babies can make sounds like that. We were trying to get them to take a picture together but both of their naps had been interupted and they werent having any of it 🙂
It was sure fun to see the Blocks and we are excited they will be moving back this summer so that Hadley and Bennett can hang out more often.

Bennett is heading up tomorrow for his first outpatient Seattle Childrens Clinic appointment since his surgery. He has been quite the happy baby at home and just settling in more and more each day. The home nursing has worked out great and mom and dad are finally getting some sleep at night.

Dad is finally getting the hang of our high maintenance child in the baby bjorn… it isnt easy with all the cords so it definately takes some getting used to. But he is getting really heavy so it is a must while carting him around the house.
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2 Responses to I swear you will be friends someday…

  1. Yay! Glad Bennett and Hadley got to meet each other. And, more importantly that you and Shan got to hang out!! 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Matt says,,,,Now, Joel just needs to practice tossing rings with Bennett in the Bjorn. 🙂 Hope you guys are doing great!:) KIM

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