Healing up…

Bennett has done wonderfully today. He was taken off of the morphine this morning and seems to be doing well on his more reasonable pain meds. He has been awake today looking around and interacting a bit more. We haven’t gotten any good smiles yet but we are sure they are just a few days away.
He is really swollen in his mouth and has some pretty yucky stitches. With the way the surgery works he actually has stitches down the center of his tongue… it definitely looks like it hurts. The swelling has gone down significantly since last night and the surgeon seems really happy with his progress since the surgery.

We are running to the store to get our surgeon approved Popsicles. We are going to treat him to a sugary, yummy, and I am sure messy, Popsicle this evening.

We were moved to the medical floor and out of the intensive care unit. The resident seems to think Bennett could be homeward bound in a short couple days but I would like to hang out and work with the feeding specialists here to make sure he will want a bottle after all the painful work on his mouth. Either way I am sure he will be home next week.

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1 Response to Healing up…

  1. linda says:

    So glad to hear things are going well. He is such a little trooper. Give him a kiss for us.Bruce and Linda

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