Lots of Drool!

Bennett is just hanging out on the road to recovery. Along with some moments of lots of tears he is doing well and slowly coming off of his pain meds. He has had some pretty horrific tummy issues from all the medicine from surgery so we were moved to a private room until they ruled out the stomach flu… the test came back negative but we are now enjoying a fancy suite 🙂
His mouth is pretty swollen still but it will be like that for a while. He seems to be combating the swelling with drool which has become slightly messy but we can deal with a little drool.

Grandmama Ruth is up to spend the rest of the time with us and we have are just settling in for the week. We are thankful for her help because Joel had to get some work done this week. We continue to try anything to keep his mind off of the ouchies with Winnie the Pooh, Dr Suess and lots and lots of toys.

We are hoping to feed him in the next couple days after we get approval from the surgeon, depending on how his stitches are holding up.

It still looks like we will be home this week.

Thank you for everyones support, Bennett it doing wonderful and we are just sooo happy with his recovery!

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