Don’t Lick

When I said “Don’t Lick” I should have been more specific.

They sure love eachother and we have been so happy with how gentle Hurlie is with him.

Bennett just being cute this afternoon. We talked to the Doctors today and it looks like we will be trying again with the trach removal on October 19th!

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3 Responses to Don’t Lick

  1. The 19th is SUPER! 10 days from tomorrow! Everyone will be counting down for you.We love you!

  2. The Blocks says:

    i just watched this like 4 times – cutest thing i've ever seen!! too bad oscar doesn't like hadley quite this much…though he did lick her at 1am when she was screaming bloody murder 😉

  3. So freaking cute! These two are adorable together! Good luck on the 19th. I'll keep you all in my prayers!!

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