Sunshine and Goats!

What an amazing day. Bennett has been feeling better each day so we decided to pack up, throw on some shorts (well for Me anyway) and head to the ZOO. We went with our friends Emily & Ryan and the boys definately had a blast in the sunshine. This is Bennett’s forth time going to the Zoo and I am pretty sure this is the first time he has noticed the animals.

He likes the animals that are really close the best… and none got closer than the goats! This is a new petting zoo portion for the little ones and Bennett loved it.

Thanks Emily & Ryan for a great day!!! I am sure we will have many more play days this Summer.

Everytime we go to the zoo I think of the first time we took him there. Bennett was 8 months old and had a trach. We went with Stacey our home nurse (thank the lord for her) and had a great day walking around as if we had a totally average child. Stacey was 6 months pregnant and trucked it around all day with all the equipment. He loved it but I am pretty sure it ment more to me than to him…. we missed you today Stacey!
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1 Response to Sunshine and Goats!

  1. AWWW! I remember that day and it was a blast. I have pictures of Bennett checking out the animals and he is so little. He has grown so much since I left. You have a beautiful little guy on your hands and I am so happy to see him taking off!!

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