Our family on sleep deprevation…

During his week of recovery Bennett has had good moments and he has had some not so good ones. It turns out that most of the good moments are during the day outside and most of the not so fun ones are in the middle of the night and nap time. So instead of getting too frustrated with our new found sleeping arrangements I decided that we were just going to capitalize on his fun awake moments and get out in the sun and be active.
That was a great plan up until about 6 days in and Joel was forced to come home from work to save mommy from a lack of sleep meltdown. Since then Bennett, and mom, have been sleeping better and almost an hour or two at a time. I am just praying that this is another phase that will pass when he feels 100%. Wish us luck…
Ever since Bennett came home from the hospital last April, if he was cranky, we drug him outside and he was happy. This was our plan of attack for the weekend and it seemed to work. We spent some time at his school playground on Friday and went to visit Katie and Marty while they were camping on Saturday.

He has some new found sounds and although he hasn’t completely forgotten his favorite “aaarrggh” sound, he has now replaced it most of the time with “yah-yah” and “mamama” (which I like to think is “mama”) He is still going to see Nancy for speech therapy once a week who gives us stuff to work on and he seems to be doing great with it.
He has started his first form of REAL communication with his sign language of the word “more” which is usually refering to “more cracker”. He has also learned a thing or two from his father and one of them is to Dance! When you say “lets dance, dance, dance” he shakes his knees.
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