A rainy day at the fair…

Only in Western Washington would a fair in the middle of August get rained out… but Joel, Bennett, and I took it on with plans to find farm animals, exciting rides, and most importantly fair food! We went straight for the rides, Bennett was looking around with apprehension and seemed a bit relieved when he got a little closer to the carousel. It was bright and shiny and he was in heaven as his daddy put him up on his brown little horse.

Next up, the farm animals… We started at the goats and eventually saw chickens, cows, dogs, bunnies, pigs and horses. Bennett just stared at all the big animals in amazement, stuck his arms as far into the pens as possible for the goats and pigs and finally tried to free the bunnies and chickens from their cages.

And our fair dreams came true when we found Bennett’s first elephant ear! Yum!
The day was coming to an end as Bennett was getting fussy from being completely soaked and the mud was making it difficult to stroll around. As we were leaving we walked past the pony ride and I immediately thought Bennett was way too small… But I thought twice as the friendly cowboy man heading up the ride seemed he would be patient with us and stop the ride if he cried.
We waited in line and Bennett was a bit more eager as he watched the other kids finish their ride. I must admit as I handed him over and the man put him up on that pony, I couldn’t help but be so proud of how brave he was. He was beaming as the pony started trotting along. He was the only little person riding and I was the only crazy mother taking a million pictures…
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