As Bennett grows I look back at all the documented events such as his first tooth, first roll over, first steps and I remember each accomplishment as this proud mommy moment… But then the day came that I realized he has acquired all these tasks without me even remembering how it happened. Now he blows on hot food,  opens doors and RUNS… All these grown up boy things that I feel like I let happen as if I could control him from becoming the grown up person that he will someday be.
Soon he will be potty trained, reading and I will probably still be in denial that my little baby is grown up…. till then I am going to enjoy his tiny little Converse, the curls above his neck, his screams of babble that I can’t for the life of me understand, and his snuggles that are becoming way too far between.
Our day at the park… where I had two seperate mothers ask me “Does he ever stop smiling?!”… Something I have been hearing a lot lately.
Did I mention I love these curls?!
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