A real life Police Officer!

Although there is no photographic evidence, Bennett got to meet his very first real life Police Officer today. He thought it was pretty great as he screamed gibberish in excitement from his car seat behind the passenger side… His mommy on the other hand was not so amused. I think the Police Officer got the point from Bennett and was nice to his Mommy. Unfortunately the damage had already been done because not only was I speeding while pulling into the park for all the waiting Moms and toddlers to see but I was also meeting Joel for lunch there, who pulled in right behind me just to share in the fun. I am sure Bennett will be just as excited from his stroller in the court room as we mitigate the ticket for expired tabs in just a few short weeks.

Other than that it has been a regular day in the life of Julie and Bennett… We went to the park and picked blueberries and blackberries in our yard. We have spent a lot of time at Grandma & Grandpas in Chehalis this week because I had the stomach flu for 6 days and was down there begging for someone to chase my child. Grandma thankfully took over and taught him how to pick the blackberries, strawberries and blueberries from her yard so today he was a professional harvester. He was like one of those goats you can get for environment friendly brush clearing, I am certain there is not a berry left on the plants, ripe or unripe, and most are nearly bare of leaves.
I am not sure if this is the best task to teach him as it has already led to diarrhea and could lead to a call to poison control in the future…
Yum Blueberries

Yum Blackberries
Bringing one for Mama…
I love my little berry smile!
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