Another Day, Another Park….

Although we love and enjoy Bennett dearly he is definately going through what we are hoping is a phase of being very dependant and opinionated. I know this is a normal part of toddlerhood but I guess it snuck up on me and is taking some adjusting… my adorable, always happy little munchkin has morphed into a very busy and impatient little man. At each moment that I am not rolling around on the ground playing with him he stomps and cries in boredom… So this morning in frustration I put him in his carseat with only one destination in mind… Starbucks.
After I got my well needed latte and a deep cleansing breath I was able to think more clearly and determined that I would drive until we found a toddler friendly park. Just a few minutes later the parenting gods shined down and like a dream this beautiful, safe and children filled park apeared out of nowhere as I turned a corner on Tumwater hill.
As soon as he was released from his carseat my adoarble, always smiling, cheerful toddler returned for atleast 90 minutes while we played and met new friends. It was a very successful morning and I must admit I am home enjoying a well needed afternoon rest time for me and Bennett 🙂
There’s nothing that can’t be fixed by an afternoon in the backyard with our little guy and a kiddie pool…
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