When looking back at the last time my clock switched over into a new decade I have to take a quick short second and remember what the last decade has brought my life and how much the next ten years will change everything again. Ten years ago tomorrow I was a sophomore in college, studying a little and sneaking over the border to Canada where the cocktail hour was legal for 19 year olds a lot. Since then I have finished college, tackled the CPA exam, worked 6 tax seasons, met and married the man of my dreams, started our family with the most amazing little boy in the world… everything has changed in the last ten years. I cant wait to see what the next ten years will bring me…
My hubby decided I needed to kick off the next decade with a wonderful weekend away in Chelan. We wine tasted, ate at many fabulous restaurants and I even snuck in a spa day… it is so easy to forget how it is to eat a meal at a restaurant without a highchair and screaming toddler. We missed him and couldn’t wait to get home to him but it was a well needed weekend away for this 30 year old mama. I ended the weekend with a long run from town to the State Park this morning… 9 miles… what a beautiful day for it!
We snuck out to the State Park and walked around, boy did it make me excited about camping this summer… What a handsome hubby I have!
Oh and I should mention Bennett had a blast while staying at Grandma & Grandpa Jones’ and Aunt Katie’s who took him to pick out baby chicks…. I hear that he was a little upset they didn’t get to go home with the bunny he found at the farm store and he has called the chickens “kitties” but when I walked in the door he wanted to show me those “kitties” first thing!
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