Bennett woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and wanted to go outside to play… I groaned and layered on the warm clothes to play outside with my toddler as the sun finally was breaking into our lawn. We took a short walk down the street and Bennett spotted the school Bus… Anyone who knows Bennett knows his obsession about trains, trucks, tractors and buses! He cried as it picked up the other kids and drove away. I thought… hhhmmm what would make my boy smile more than anything and I turned to Bennett and said “hey bud, wanna go ride the bus?!” and so we did…
I had to google where the bus even picked up in the area and I found a free “dash” bus that ran downtown… so away we went to park and ride the “city bus”
He talked to everyone that got on the bus and told them he was riding the “city bus” which with his toddler lisp comes out sounding like he thought the bus wasn’t up to par, but he was so proud as he road all the way to the Farmers Market. He was quick to inform a standing passenger that this was not how you do it. “Sit on bus!” thankfully the gentleman thought he was cute and listened to his rude instruction to sit.
We had “mama coffee” and got some steamer clams for dinner at the Market before riding the bus back to our car… I am pretty sure he will be telling everyone how he rode the “city bus!!!”
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