We met Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Today some very special people told us about Santa coming to town… Bennett was so excited. He told me all about how he was going to ask him about his reindeer, presents and his sleigh. He was actually full on cheering as we pulled up. He ran with Reece into the room where Santa and Mrs. Claus were waiting and I could see the fear overwhelm him.
It was hard to see him scared because I knew how bad he didnt want to be scared. He really wanted to go and say hi and tell Santa all about the presents he wanted just like he had been talking about but he just let the nerves get the best of him. He ran out of the room in tears after watching his cousins Cash and Reece say hi to Santa. We spent some time talking in the hallway and we negotiated that if Mommy held him he would go and say hi to Santa. I was proud of him to overcome his fear even though he still wasnt as chatty as he had originally planned. After his picture he couldnt get his candy cane open and Mrs. Claus seemed to be just the right person to help him out… what a deal!
As we pulled out of the parking lot Bennett said in a very timid voice “mommy, Bennett see Santa again” I could hear that he was asking for a “re-do” but I just told him how proud I was of him and how Santa is coming this weekend and bringing him lots of presents.
Thank you Aunt Teri and Uncle Denny for telling us that Santa was coming to town!
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