Twas the Night Before Christmas

We love spending all the holidays with lots of family but I must say spending Christmas Eve with just our little family at home is always special. This is the first year that Bennett is super excited about Santa coming. He knows all about the reindeer, the chimney, the stockings and of course the bag of presents! So after a long nap this afternoon we spent a few hours getting ready for Santa to come tonight. We made some green and red rice krispy treat (Some of Santa’s favorite I hear). We carefully placed them on Santa’s special plate along with eight brussel sprouts, one for each of the reindeer (because we know brussel sprouts help reindeer fly all night long delivering presents) Bennett was so excited the whole time about making them for Santa but of course loved eating them just as much.
After the cookies we went to bed to read our Christmas books… The Grinch! But this year we also got to listen to a Christmas record “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with Bennett’s new record player! He loved it, turning the pages when he heard the “ding” and talking the whole time about what Santa was doing in the book. We tucked him to bed around 8:45 with strict instructions that Santa only comes after you were sleeping so he told us both to “Go to BED!” and after we left I watched him on the video monitor sneak out of bed and watch out the window… listening for sleigh bells…
Here is B playing Candy Land while I got the rice krispies ready… he got this from Aunt Katie and Uncle Marty today and he loves it… loves matching the colors and moving the little people… so cute!

Why are they always cuter eating it?!
Mom helping…
Counting out the brussel sprouts for the reindeer…

What a great quiet night with our little family getting ready for the big man! Love these special nights with my boys… it is hard to believe it is the last one we will have with just Bennett!

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