Merry Christmas 2011!

I started to hear Bennett stirring around 7:30 and I thought to myself how lucky we were that our kid still sleeps in on Christmas morning and then I hear a sweet little whisper “Santa…” Clearly he was thinking of one thing as those sweet little eyes opened up this morning. We went to get him and told him that Santa brought some pretty great gifts. He walked out into the living room to see a red big boy bike gleaming with bows and he was so excited. But I could tell a bit of him was a little nervous Santa was going to jump from around the corner and scream “Merry Christmas Bennett!” but after we explained to him that Santa had left his bike in the night he was ok with it. He immediately went over to discover that not only had the reindeer ate all the brussel sprouts but Santa had left just a few crumbs of the cookies and drank ALL the milk. It was sooo fun to see him to excited!
We had some good french toast, coffee and a warm morning enjoying each other, just the three of us. The boys then went out in the pouring down rain to test out the bike and we even put the very last Christmas ornament on our advent calendar!
 After cleaning up breakfast I noticed our living room was a bit too quiet and wandered out to find our 3 year old engrossed in The Christmas Story… too funny!
 Santa was good to Mom and Dad this year too… Dad got a new Northface coat and Mom got a new Kindle…
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