Olsen Family Christmas…

As I mentioned before, we were lucky enough this year to fit in both families with all of the brothers and sisters. It was so fun to spend Christmas dinner up at Grandma and Grandpa Olsen’s this year. The kids played like crazy and Bennett was one tired boy by the end of the day but I could tell he was loving every second of it. He was mostly stoked about the brand new F150 remote control truck that all the boys got. I even made all the family get together for some family pictures… It was very hard to get any of them to agree to it but I know it will be fun to look back on for years to come.
Thank you everyone for another great Christmas celebration… Bennett has been officially spoiled by everyone in his life and we couldnt have asked for a more magical Christmas season!
It is so hard to believe that our little girl will be here enjoying every second of Christmas with both of our crazy families next year…. I cant wait already!!!
Here’s the boys playing legos… Bennett was loving it!
The little man table…
Someone trying to get into the presents a bit early…
They were being a little too goofy so I told them to be serious… Steve took me a little too serious… haha
The Olsen family before all the wives and babies 🙂
 So I gave in to a goofy one…

The grandkids… (top: Austin and Kelsey, bottom: Hunter, Bennett & Alonso)

I was hoping to stay behind the camera but they made me… The Olsen Family…

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