32 weeks!

I can not believe we are 32 weeks into a nearly “normal” pregnancy and almost ready to meet our baby girl! Friday marks 32 weeks, 1 day, this is the day during my pregnancy with Bennett that we welcomed him into the world. That day I had been on strict bedrest for 99 days. This time coudlnt be more different. I have been active, enduring back pain and stretch marks from being on my feet, enjoying the holidays and even getting ready for a baby shower in a couple weeks! All the normal things that pregnant gals get to do and it feels great.
I must admit I am getting a bit antsy to meet our new little girl but I hope she stays put for at least 5 more weeks. This time will give her time to get ready to meet us as well as give us time to get ready for her. I still have lots of sewing, organizing and a bit of decorating to do and I am excited to get it all done.
I went to see our local Dr today and I am measuring right on track and baby girl is head down and happy. My cervix is normal length showing all the signs that I will make it to Feburary before she decides to check out of her happy home. I love her so much already and can’t believe it is almost baby time in our house once again!
Here she is…
(please ignore how corny these self-made belly shots are and how grossly dirty my bathroom mirror is….)
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