Anna June meets her six cousins!

After our first night home with our daughter we were both pretty anxious to add our son back into the mix… After four nights at Grandma & Grandpa Jones’ we missed him dearly. So Saturday morning Anna was able to see her big brother again and meet her aunties, uncles and cousins!
It was a great day with the three “Jones Girls” and our 7 kids!!!! I was so excited to share this time with my sisters who both have 2 little ones of their own. The kids are always a ton of fun and play together so great… it was a busy house and I loved it! Anna’s cousin Maddie was also here… I know Anna will look up to Maddie always and hopefully Maddie will teach her everything she knows and Anna will be just like her in 13 years!
Anna got her first bath at home from Grandma Ruth. She got her all lathered up in Bath lotion and as we were combing out her hair I was surprised again with how pitch black it is… and maybe even a little curly (I hope!)
Thanks for coming to meet our little lady! I hope that she grows up to be a perfect mix of her two aunties and that our kids will know what it is like to have such great cousins as I had sisters growing up.

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