Day 3 and Day 1,169

It is day 3 with our little girl and its seems about time for an update. So far she is proving that she has all of life all figured out. Here are some of her likes and dislikes so far.
Likes: She loves to suck on the back of her hands and act starving most of her awake time. She has to have her bear that makes heartbeat sounds at night. She loves her portable bassinet bouncer (disliking her fancy, pretty bassinet we had set up next to our bed). She loves staring at her brother and taking all of mom’s attention away from him. She prefers to be naked and hates changing her clothes.
Dislikes: getting her diaper changed, gas, baths and getting her pictures taken (I told her she was going to have to get used to this one)… pretty much anything other than snuggling and eating… good thing mom is a big fan of snuggling!
So I guess our update could be summed up by sayging that we love her more every second, Love how sweet her big brother is with her and couldnt feel more complete with her finally here as part of our family.

1,169 Day Check in for our little man Bennett:
Likes: He loves his preschools, the old toddler group and the “new school” at the Children Museum. He still has his unconditional love of anything with a motor, tractors, trains trucks etc. He loves playing outside with Daddy, getting muddy (see below from this afternoon). He is enchanted with spending time with both sets of Grandparents and all of his cousins. He especially loves his new baby sister!
Dislikes: Naptime and Nighttime “I no wanna go nap!” (but he is still asleep within 5 minutes most of the time), Mom’s eggs (loves grandmas though), he is understandably not a fan of going to any kind of Dr. He is honestly one of the happiest kiddos I have ever met and I could list a million more likes than dislikes.
As you can see our little man is still keeping us busy and is 100% the cutest, most perfect little man in the world!
Pretty sure we couldn’t get any luckier.
Dad’s first hair cut… I hate to admit it but, it is way better than when I do it… Looks like it is now his job šŸ™‚
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