One Week

Anna June has been just enjoying life, eating, pooping, sleeping, you know all the normal baby stuff. I must admit I have spent most of the week recovering physically, attempting to catch up on my sleep deprevation and staring at our beautiful little lady in amazement. Although I think she looks a lot like her big brother our experience in the first week could not be different this time around. She is so alert during the day, just checking out her world around her and usually zonks through most of the night (I am sure this will change now that I have said it outloud). We are relatively relaxed around here and Bennett loves just showing Anna everything there is to know about living and playing at home.
Our big accomplishment of the week… we are back at birth weight, 7 lbs 3 oz! I was unable to breast feed Bennett due to the complications in his mouth so this time around breast feeding was a priority and a little bit of a challenge. I contacted our friend Nancy this week and being a feeding therapist she was soooo helpful. Our little girl has been doing great from days and to hit this milestone of being back at her birth weight is a little celebration for me and baby girl!
Here are some pictures of our sweet girl at one week old… I must say, the prettiest girl in the world.
Sitting in her brothers blue bouncer 🙂
Loves the soothies binkies… not the cutest binky but they help with breastfeeding and she loves them.
Here is what I stare at all night… She loves her bouncer and so we let her sleep in it for now…
Our boy trying with all his might to give Anna a balloon for the picture..
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