Wine and Wicket Weekend 2012

It is weeks like this that I am again reminded how lucky we are…
We have some pretty darn amazing friends and family that make our lives worth smiling about nearly everyday… and this week was definitely full of lots and lots of smiles.
I bravely set off early Tuesday morning in a car packed to the gills of everything you have to tote around in your life if you are trying to get out of the house with a 4 month old and a busy 3 year old.
We had books, movies, infant play gyms, tubs of clothes spilling over, bikes, cameras, computers and I even fit in a few of my things.
We headed over to Walla Walla to invade the Block home. We were so busy playing with the kids and girl talking that I barely even picked up my camera. We went to the country club pool where Bennett was crazy running and playing loving every second. We went on many bike rides and I must admit I mostly enjoyed a little catch up time with my friend Shannon. It has been way to long since we just got to sit around and talk.
I even got to get out for a night with Annie leaving Bennett with a babysitter… Yep that is right, I left my kid with his very first babysitter, I paid for her and everything. I felt pretty good about it until we got home and he was sobbing. I know he had a blast and loved the sitter but he said “Mom I just missed you!” through tears as he hugged and kissed the sitter, it broke my heart but made me so happy to see him miss me and be so darn cute!
On Thursday morning we headed over to Richland to be the first arrivals to the family reunion at Aunt Pams and Uncle Pauls… Whenever we visit there we get spoiled with great food, a croquet tourney, lots of wine, and lots of time with all the kiddos and family. Joel, Mom, Annie and I even snuck out the wineries for a bit on Saturday afternoon. It was so fun I once again failed to pick up my camera once… luckily I got a few phone pics and Teri came through as always!
Here are some of my favorite pictures from my phone…
B and Aunt T… I swam in this pool when I was Bennett’s age 🙂

 Uncle Danny and little Annie

 Lily, Paige and B playing in the Koi pond

 Our sweet girl

 This is Bennett “napping” upstairs… he didnt want to miss anything

 The crazy family… croquet tourney

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