Here Comes the Sun… Doo Doo Do Doo

Why is it that Parenting is about a million times easier when you can sit out on the back patio with a sweet little girl in a onsie playing with her feet in your lap and watching your 3 year old chase your dog with the hose… it is days like these that I sit back and say … wow, this stay-at-home mama biz is pretty fabulous!
Finally!!! I have spent more time outside enjoying some sun with the kiddos more than the rest of the year put together. The fourth was fairly uneventful this year… it involved a run at the lake with the kids, a BBQ at grandma and grandpas in the afternoon and finished off with a trip for a blizzard… sounds pretty great to me. I can not believe the weather man is predicting this sun will follow us East for nearly the whole trip starting Saturday! We cant wait!
Uncle Bill Teaching B some golf

 Gotta love some DQ sundaes… something about those red spoons, pretty sure it would taste totally different from a normal kitchen spoon

 Her toes are her new favorite toy!

 Pretty sure my girl was having a great dream while snuggling with Daddy

 Annie and the Dog both hiding from B with the hose

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