Five Months with Annie June

I am here laying in our RV bed next to the sweetest lady on the planet. Her Daddy just left camp this afternoon to go back to a week of work and her big brother is zonked out in his bunk bed on the other side of the trailer. As I lay here I am thinking about how much our little girl has grown up and how fast everything has gone and then I realized it is her 5 month birthday tomorrow!! I cant believe it is already time for another Everything Annie Update!
So this month our little girl has fallen in love with her big brother, she sees him walk in the room and her little brown eyes are like magnets to his little giggles. She watches his every move with amazement and a huge smile on her face. I swear she actually makes this crazy high pitched squeal that she only uses when trying to get his attention. I know I have many years of her following his every move, sibling rivalry and even best buds ahead… They are adorable together.
Another new Annie move is sitting! She can sit unassisted (if we prop her there) for like 10 minutes. She rolls from back to front, which is totally opposite of her brother that I am sure never conquered that and would only roll from front to back.
She is still breastfed mostly and gets a bottle in the afternoons and evenings… She goes back and forth so easily depending on our activities during the day that I may be breastfeeding for years (just kidding mostly) she just makes the whole chore of feeding very easy and stress free which I never had with Bennett (who was the worlds worst eater from a bottle or the tube down his nose) and I am loving every second of this easier and enjoyable way to do it! Sadly she still hates the rice cereal, still looking at me like I have lost my mind when I put it in her mouth… oh well, good thing she has a pretty patient and determined mama!
She smiles every time anyone looks at her and especially when Grandma Ruth says “Annie can you smile?!” It makes us all think she actually knows what the word means 🙂
She continues to be the easiest babe who will happily sit anywhere as long as Mom is close by. I truly love her more each day. I have grown to love when other people hold her because I can see her and realize how cute she is even when I cant smell her hair (I know it sounds weird but maybe other moms will understand). As I snuggle up these two kiddos at night in our RV reading them stories after a long day of playing with family in the sun and my heart fills with so much thankfulness! I love you guys and you make me the luckiest mama!
 A bath in her bumbo in the trailer
 Loving her Lake Chelan time watching the mamas cook
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