Lake Chelan 2012

Lake Chelan is such a special place for me… It is full of memories of our first camping trips in tents when we were in elementary school, making ice cream with a crank ice cream machine with Aunt Karla, playing all day down in the swimming area and riding our bikes around camp. Then as a tween Jania started coming with me and it was ten days of hunting for boys and giggling well past dark in the field in sleeping bags under the stars. During college there was a short trail of boyfriends that I wanted to share this great place with until 2005 when I knew the current boyfriend would be coming to Chelan for many many years. These weeks during the summer is  a time we look forward to all year and it seems to come and go way too fast.
As an adult we knew our kids would love this place but this year is the first year that I could see the true joy through Bennett’s eyes and know in my heart he is making those same unforgettable memories that I have locked in from my childhood.
I spent most of this entire trip trying to pack as much as we could into every day and do something new and fun for Bennett and even little Annie to experience. We did it all…. He beamed ear to ear as Uncle Marty took him for a ride on the “water quads” he was delighted to get up early two days and take his fishing pole down to the boat docks and see if they can have any luck, he begged me everyday to go on the boat and we even snuck in some Slide Waters, alpenhorn put put golf, many many bike rides and lots of fun with the family and friends. Even us parents got some fun moments of adult time on the boat and a trip to the wineries! (Thanks teen girls!)
We had a great group this year… The Colters, The Elders, The Prills, The Miltenbergers, The Crawfords and of course my Parents and my sisters and families. Maddie and her friends were super fun and helpful with the kids… we loved having Dakota, Jordan, Kendra, Peyton and Paige! We hope everyone can come again next year!
It was hard for me to leave this year… after over three weeks in the RV it had started to feel like home for all of us. To realize how much has changed since last year and how much will again change before our trip next year… I wont lie… I cried a little leaving the park, not because I was bummed to head back to the real world, but because I know how lucky we are to have these moments in our kids lives… Here is a little peak at our two weeks in paradise…
A bike ride with the three oldest
 Love at first sight
 Two very tired babes… giving the mamas some time to relax too 🙂
 The mamas getting some relaxing time…
 The girls did some face painting… The boys loved it!
 Trying out some fishing!
 The water slides…
Our pretty girl… love her sitting up!
 Showing me his Ranger badge
The beginning of our last day…
 Yep… she can fit her foot in her mouth…
 Our last night… hitting the Alpenhorn for some ice cream
 Our last bike ride… it was a perfect end to a perfect 3 weeks!
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