Trailblazing Little Man

 I have been loving the many bike rides a day because lets be honest, the more energy he gets out on that bike the less energy he spends jumping on the couch in the house. He is so full of energy on these warm days that stay sunny until well past his bed time that I have made an effort to get him outside and busy on a project for most afternoons.
Bike riding has without a doubt been one of his favorite activities since we got back from Chelan. So in an effort to embrace his passions I got out the Chariot hitch for my bike and went to Target to get a new mama helmet and away we went. And went and went and went… I am pretty sure I have seen our mailbox down the road about a million times a day… So I called Teri for some help on the local trails (I am a wienie and I don’t think I can handle riding on the road with two kids, I’m not that coordinated to begin with, and who really knows how to use that hand signals anyway?!). We packed up the truck and headed to the trail head. It was a great trail and Bennett started off slow. After about 1/2 mile I asked him if he wanted to get into the chariot with his sister but he said no… I asked him a bunch more times over the next couple hours and each time he said “no I ride my bike” but after about 7.5 miles he said “mom I’m tired!” and he got into the chariot for the last 4.5 miles. It was such a fun morning. We traded bikes towards the end and I loved Teri’s bike! I know what I am asking Santa for for Christmas!
The perfect end to our morning was frozen yogurt at Lime Berry and a Corona on our back porch. When we came home Bennett quickly disappeared and I was panicking “Bennett where are you?!” and then I went into his room and he was laying on his belly in his bed with his shoes still on hanging off the end of his bed… This kid was tuckered and he loved every second!!!
I have told nearly everyone of how far he went, such a proud mama, he has never stopped amazing me and how much he can do. I have learned to never doubt his strength and even to let him lead me on stuff. I hope he will forever keep this passion, happiness over the simple things and resilience over any obstacle. Love you buddy!
 B loved this bridge. It is just for the trail but goes over I-5.. He was so excited
 Annie’s new helmet… a little big for her 🙂
 Our shaded bench for lunch
 Well deserved chocolate yogurt!
Maybe someday he will race like his cousin Alonso… We went on Sunday to watch him take 3rd at the big state race!! he is amazing!
Well done boys!
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