Happy 6 Months Annie June

Sometimes I think of how sweatpants and burp clothes have invaded my life and I am completely jealous of those friends that get to enjoy wine filled happy hours in high heals after a day conversing with adults…
But then I spend one afternoon in the sun with my two little piglets and remember that I get to dig in the dirt making a dirt track from my son’s plastic quads, I get to rock out on a fisher price piano with my daughter giggling with me in the middle of our front yard, I get to walk around the lake following my little boy on a bike and pushing my daughter in the stroller, then going out for some frozen yogurt.. and I remember how pretty awesome I have it in my little world of Nick Jr. cartoons and peanut butter and jelly.
My little girl turns 6 months old tomorrow and this has without a doubt been the fastest and most rewarding 6 months of my life with the two kiddos just tring to hold it together through the barfed on sweatpants and all.
So it is that time again for an update on our little lady and I cant believe how much she has changed in just the last 4 weeks.
My little girl is not only sitting up but she is leaning forward to get toys out of her reach. She has started to butt scoot just like Bennett and I am starting to think that she will skip crawling and go straight to walking just like he did. She is obsessed with toys and favorite being an empty bag a baby wipes and hot wheels stolen from her brother.
We are trying to transition her to her own crib but I must admit that when 3 am rolls around she usually ends up in our room again. She is getting formula sometimes and still breastfeeding a little. She is getting her first tooth on the bottom left but it seems to be taking forever to actually come in and more just about the drooling and crying at this point.
She gabs my ear off babbling like crazy now and I love it! She continues to be my little sweet heart reminding me more and more of myself every day. I have a feeling this will make us butt heads in about 12 years but until then I am loving every bit of the things that seem to be a little like her mommy.
At her six month check up with Dr Lester her stats were as follows:
16.1 pounds and in the 35 percentile
25.5 inches and in the 51 percentile
Head circumference in the 75 percentile… must be all those brains 🙂
Did I mention my kids play together now?! oh how I love these two when I don’t need to constantly entertain both of them simultaneously 100% of the time… and it is super cute how much he loves her.
Her big girl bed… I will miss her in her bassinet next to my bed but I wont miss her almost jumping out of it at night 🙂
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