Bennett and the Beast

So when Joel was telling me all about this football player coming down I didn’t think much of it. See I am not a true football fan. I’ll admit, I love to tailgate with the best of ’em but when September rolls around and football invades my weekends and Monday nights I get a little annoyed with this husband ritual but I have learned through the years to grin and bear it. And now that I have a hyper impressionable 3 year old boy, I have learned to appreciate letting my son snuggle with my husband all Sunday afternoon glued to the TV yelling and dancing.
So today we set out to see Marshawn Lynch at the Rutledge Corn Maze where Joel’s dealership was sponsoring the event.  We knew Teri and Denny would come and have a blast with the kids and we sure did. We played in the corn maze (nearly getting lost from my navagation skills) while Joel “worked”… and clearly the highlight of the day for Bennett was the helicopter Marshawn was brought to the maze in… At the end as all the fans are yelling “Bye Marshawn!” Bennett was yelling “Bye Helicopter!”
Marshawn (aka The Beast) seemed like a nice kid and I hear he is a hell of a football player… who knows, I might even watch part of a game this year!
Me and my girl… wearing her first tutu!! She looked so cute!
 The face painter said she had never had a “tractor” request…
 Joel “working”
 Bye Helicopter!
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