Annie 7 Months Old…

How has yet another monthly birthday snuck up on me for our little lady?! I am shocked she is already 7 months but at the same time it is fairly difficult to even remember what life what like without her.
This month has also snuck up on me due to our first weekend away from her this last weekend when I met Joel in Vegas for a Ford conference and Annie used this opportunity to get her very first big cold. I knew Grandma Ruth would handle it great but she has been a snotty and drooling mess since last week and it is fairly exhausting for this mama (especially after a few nights in Vegas).
Other than that she has continued on her path of baby perfection and being quite an easy kid (I am sure this trend will come to a screeching halt in her teen years and I will pay dearly for all these easy months while she was a super easy baby)
She is still a pretty easy sleeper and has settled into her own room nicely with her humidifier, fan and white noise machine being a great combination that even walking by the room usually puts her into a deep sleep. She still wakes a few times at night and want to eat but I think it will be a short window.
So for the new things in Annie’s life… She is almost (like I swear any second now) crawling she is on all fours all day long and I just hold my breathe and try to will her forward but no such luck yet.
She eats some baby food now which makes me sooo happy and other than the mess it makes I think it is the cutest thing ever. She is continuing to babble like crazy and giggles a lot more lately.
She has no teeth but I have been swearing they are coming at any second for months… we will see 🙂
Here are some fun 7 month shots of our eating session tonight… I am slacking on the adorable outfit etc for the monthly pictures but since we have had so much snot and crankiness in the house this last week I thought a onsie and a cute smile were perfect enough 🙂
And a little Phone Photo Purge…
 Our little swinger…
The Jack Man on his first Birthday!
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