Preschool Orientation

Today was a special day for our little man… not quite as special as a “first day of school” but pretty darn close. I don’t want to call it the official first day of school because I want to save those magical pictures for next Tuesday which is the official “drop off” date…. and there hasn’t officially been that magical moment where I watch him walk up the stairs to his new school alone and tears fill my eyes, or maybe it will be a happy dance… it is still to be determined.
Tonight Joel Annie and I all joined Bennett on his Preschool Open House to check out the class room and meet the teacher and other parents. Once again the school has blown me away, it is at the NEW children’s museum (open to the public in November) and it is beautiful… it actually feels like this magical place that I am a little jealous he gets to spend there without me. I filled out a few page questionnaire a while back and not only did Teacher Betsy greet us with a huge “Hi Bennett” but she remembered that I had written in the questionnaire that Bennett learned to ride a two wheeler this summer… She said “Bennett I heard you can ride a bike with no training wheels!” and he was sold instantly! She is seriously a fabulous teacher and I am soooo excited to leave Bennett with her this year.
He jumped right into the group of kids and barely even looked back at his parents who stood on the edge of the large group of kids watching in amazement as he passed play dough out to his new friends. I have rarely had a prouder mama moment. He wasn’t just in the class… he was excelling and loving every second. He talked a million miles an hour all the way home about the toys he had played with and how he thinks next time I should stay in the car and let him go by himself. He even said “next time you stay at home, I will ride the bus!”
My little boy is growing up way too fast!
 Walking into the back entrance at his school…
 And I hate to even get photographic evidence of this… but I know it is a must… this is the hair cut I gave him in preparation for his big first day… short of shaving his head I am not sure there is any fixing it… so embarrassing… I am hoping people just think it is a bad scar or something… Looks like dad is on super cut duty for a while.
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