First Day of Preschool!!

Bennett’s first day of Preschool has finally arrived! We pulled in the parking lot a few minutes early and Bennett was already annoyed with my obsessive chasing photography. We wandered in to his class room and I was a little weighted down by Annie in her car seat. I quickly lost Bennett in the group as he nearly dove into all the play centers. The class room was darling and I was a little nervous because I felt like if I waited too long he might get anxious about me leaving, I thought I would try to leave while it was still new and exciting and he wouldn’t miss me.
I quickly bent down to ask him if he knew where the bathroom was again and he said “I know Mom!” like “get out of here mom you are cramping my style!”
I left and although it was a peaceful few hours, I still had a baby that was a bit cranky now that her napping schedule had been interrupted… so we headed to the lake for a jog and I must admit, it was a bit lonely feeling, I could go as slow or as fast as I wanted without the constant chatter from my 3 year old in the stroller.
As I went to pick him up he seemed like he had barely noticed that I had left. The teacher said he did wonderful and it was the first time I just felt a little left out on a Bennett activity. I know this is the next step for him but to ask him about his day and not actually knowing the answer before asking him just seems foreign.
He is growing up… and there is nothing I can do about it… except be on of the most proud Mamas on the planet. I love you Bennett and I could not be more happy about this little school going preschooler you have become!
All ready to go… loves his new lunch box!
He honestly just jumped right in with the other kids… he has since told me “I have lots of friends at school!!” So cute!
 Here are some sights around the class room… how darling is this?!

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