Christmas Traditions Continued

This year I have made a pretty good attempt at getting all the shopping, wrapping and running around done early. I have loved looking at all our wrapped presents under the tree since the first of the month (and mostly just chasing Annie around the tree keeping her from unwrapping any more)
So this week has been officially dedicated to everything Christmas fun for me and Bennett. All those things that I swear I am going to do but never get around to during the busy holiday season… but this year he has loved so much about Christmas so I knew it was our year to dive into more traditions from when I was little.
We headed down to Grandma Jones’ on friday morning and Bennett was so excited to play with the “magic Christmas Playdough that turns into candy” or our Christmas Taffy pull! The recipe wasnt perfect but he got the right idea and loved it.
Then on Saturday night we poured some hot chocolate (and some hot spiced wine for mom and dad) and popped a ton of dry popcorn. I got out some fishing line and Bennett and I worked on Popcorn chains for hours. He obviously loved the fact that he could eat as much popcorn as he wanted the most. We put them up on the tree and he was so proud. I bet next year they will be twice as long!

 Happy second birthday Cash Man!

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