Annie at Ten Months

I can not believe how much my little girl has grown up lately and that she is 10 months old!
I could gush about how amazing she is all day long but I will try to keep it short and sweet (kinda like my little girl haha)
She has some amazing speed lately and buzzes around us all day long. She pulls herself up on stuff and cruises like crazy, She will stand next to something for a couple seconds but thankfully is a bit more cautious about taking steps.
She is a talker and a smiler. She thinks everyone is always talking about her and she can easily get on her brother’s nerves and giggle about it already. I actually hear lots of “mom! Annie is laughing at me!” or “mom! Annie is making fun of me” secretly I think she actually does it to drive him nuts but you cant get mad at her sweet little face.
She loves eating bananas and sweet potatoes (see below) and is finally starting to hold her bottle (yes this little princess just likes it better when mom holds it 🙂
She is great about being carted all over town following her brother to school a couple times a week or hitting Costco. She rocks those cute piggies and she draws a lot of oohhhs and aaahhhs of her adorableness 🙂
I love this girl and love what she adds to our little family. This season has been so fun watching Bennett learn about the magic of the season and knowing what is to come as Annie grows the next few years. We have so much to be thankful for!
Just in case you were wondering how those littel piggies look after they get pulled out 🙂
Annie and Grandma enjoying her first Pasta… what a lucky girl to get Home Made Aunt Katie Pasta! YUM!
I think she likes it 🙂
 Grandpa letting annie taste some sweet frosting… Pretty sure she was excited! OK now no more until her Birthday 🙂
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