Christmas 2012

I have to start this by saying that this Christmas has been my favorite, hands down. Nearly all because Bennett has been oozing christmas wonderment since Thanksgiving. He woke up every morning in December excited to find Bosco, update the numerous advent calendars around the house and ask me the many questions about reindeer, santa and presents he had come up with in his dreams. I think he might actually be starting to understand the concept of subtraction just by asking me a million times a day how many more days until Christmas by counting on his fingers. We were so excited for this last week to finally arrive and we loved every second of it.
First we started off at Grandma and Grandpa Jones’. We made cookies, played with the cousins opened a HUGE mound of presents and enjoyed celebrating Christmas with the family. It was a wonderful weekend enjoying Evie, Bennett and Reece (we lovingly call them “Phase 1”) as they embraced everything magical about this holiday… such a special time for these kiddos.007012024102129152160047075
We came home the morning of Christmas Eve to enjoy the day as our little family of four and make sure we had everything ready for Santa to arrive. It took us all day to make cookies, get our plate ready, say farewell to Bosco and tuck the little ones into bed. This is selfishly my favorite part of the whole holiday season, getting some one on one time with Bennett, making cookies and seeing how excited he is when he wakes up…. and boy this year was no different!
I do admit I was so excited for him to get up that I finally had to go crack his door and whisper “I think Santa came!” He immediately leaped out of bed and in a very fast daze flew into the living room. He walked out to see Santa had brought a new big boy gas quad into the living room under the tree… And not to forget out little lady she also went crawling very quickly over to check out her new dolly stroller Santa had picked out for her.190 195 211 216 220224 225245261 272
And to make the morning even more magical I was wandering out to pour a cup of coffee and noticed Santa had also brought us a winter wonderland outside… I was shocked! Bennett immediately convinced Dad to take him outside to play with his quad and I enjoyed our little lady throwing her dolly around the living room (hilarious)
We then packed up and headed for Grandma and Grandpa Olsens house for an afternoon with many fun relatives, great food and lots lots more presents for the kids. I loved the atmosphere with the little boys running like crazy and even a couple babies crawling around on the floor. Our little lady was having a rough day and that is my only excuse for being so bad about having my camera around… sweet little thing didnt leave me many hands to put my camera in… not loving these teeth coming in!294
It was my merriest of Christmases and I feel like one lucky mama!

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