Bennett’s Fall School Adventures

Bennett has been mourning preschool for the last week during winter break and talking everything about Miss Betsy and his buddies from school. Once again I am so excited with how great his preschool has been this year. I have seen him make some great friends, learn to sit and listen during circle time, stand in a line (wow I know) and I have loved getting to know the other mommies too.
A great part of the school is how they keep us updated online with a Shutterfly account and Parents can upload pictures from school and I have to thank April for most of these wonderful moments of Bennett being his little student self.

2012-11-20 (46) 2012-11-15 (2) 2012-11-20 (36) 2012-11-20 (25) 2012-11-20 (16) 2012-11-20 (13) 2012-11-20 (39) 2012-11-15 (17) 2012-11-15 (6) DSCN4712 2012-11-15 (18)

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