Goodbye 2012!

Once again I find our little family not rushing another year gone… There has been years (2009 for example) that we were ready to kick out the door on December 31. But most years when the kids are young New Years Eve just brings feelings of time passing too quickly, Holidays over too fast and kids getting old in the blink of an eye.
2012 brought so many new beginnings that I am not quite ready to shut into the past. Our little girl was brought to us this year, Bennett started school, and we even got a new nephew right under the buzzer at 10:13 pm on New Years Eve!
It was an amazing year of old traditions renewed, Bennett anticipating things he remembered from previous years like camping trips and family reunions. Annie even decided to take a few steps into the new year on December 31!

So I will do what all parents do when they feel their kids are growing too fast and completely ignore it, I will celebrate the coming of this next year in complete and utter denial and just continue to try to live in the moment.
So we are leaving 2012 with a fun picture of Annie and Grandpa Jim… both resting up in the RV on December 31, getting a good rest for a great new year ahead… 2013 here we come.


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