Zoo lights with a 4 year old…

I realize that most of my posts gush over my adorable kids and their amazing perfection. I hope most that read this know that when I say “perfect” it is more like “perfect considering he is four years old and sometimes that is just no fun for anyone but him”
Tonight we went to Zoo lights at the Point Defiance Zoo and I must say my oldest childs four year old in him overcame his perfection by a long shot. He was crazy with a capital C, pushed me to my limits and once again leaves me at the end of the night with a smile. I laugh about how I ran accross a large field chasing my giggling little man that was stomping on the huge light bridge in front of hundreds of onlookers yelling “Bennett stop!!!” to no avail. I laugh about how he tried crawling into the penguin area and nearly made it, I laugh at how I told him to count to 100 and he could get out of the stroller and walk again and he kept saying “but mom I made it to 7!”, I laugh that the phrase “I might feed him to the tigers!” came out of my mouth more than once…. and I laugh that in spite of all that stress he can make me giggle with his hilarious conversation about the zoo all the way home and into bed well after his bed time.
This kid has my number. He is full of fire and I am spending most days just praying that the four year old in him doesnt over take this mama all day long.

Thank you Mike and Allyson! I was so happy Natalie was there to show Bennett how to walk with his hands in his pockets. It was a fun even with our little man running like crazy. Bennett loves Natalie and will not stop talking about her today!

021 001 A little proof it wasnt just our kid… hehe Natalie following Bennett to take a super close look at the lights023 029 A little proof we had made up by the end of the night…030

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