A Cold Clam Dig

We were so excited to get the RV out of winterization and travel on down to the coast for some clam digging! Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of two kiddos it is nice to be forced in a confined space that includes popcorn on the stove, hotdogs, reading books and yes even some cartoons on Netflix (the park had wi-fi :). It was a trial run with both kids sleeping in the same room in the bunk house of the RV and I was a little nervous. We spend a month in our RV in the summer and I was anxious to see how they would do. So the first night I tried to get Annie down first but she woke up and then I thought maybe if Bennett fell asleep first but that didn’t work and so after about an hour I broke and with both kids still awake I put them both in their beds and looked at B and said “ok bud, you are the big boy here, if Annie starts crying I want you to help her feel better and see if she will go to sleep” and as I kissed them both I closed the door and heard B talking in his super high gentle voice saying “I’m your big brother, Its ok Annie” and in 5 minutes they were both out! It was the sweetest thing this mama had ever heard. So every night and nap after that I just gave Bennett a little “big brother pep talk” and it worked like a charm!

On Saturday night we took the kiddos out clam digging and lets just say it isn’t much of a toddler or baby sport…  after all the hype of talking about digging clams for a week Bennett was taken down by a wave in the first 10 minutes and was soaked head to toe… so it was back to the truck for this mama and kiddos. We sat in the truck and watched the clammers for over and hour and Bennett loved it just as much as if he was actually out there, watching through his binoculars in his spiderman underoos… adorable.

A fun relaxing weekend that made it so very excited for this summer056 014 059 054 079 073

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