Our Girl Turns ONE!

I can not believe I am writing this and somehow my little peanut has been with us for a whole YEAR! It is fairly clear how wonderfully amazing I believe she is so I will take this time to just update everyone on all that is our little Annie.

She loves pillows, if we lay one on the ground she will giggle and lay her head on it immediately. She rolls around in our bed in the morning bouncing from pillow to pillow as Joel and I try to become a little more awake.

She has 6 teeth! She just had the 2 until this last couple weeks and then those top 4 have given her heck!

She is a great eater and will be the easiest baby ever to get off the bottle because she STILL hates it. She is on a great schedule of about 3 – 4 bottles of 4 -6 oz each and this is the most she has ever eaten. But now that we have dove into real people food she eats black beans, cheese, avocados, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, bananas and everything else as long as she has a spoon to play in a bit. She loves pureed foods and will eat anything especially when her brother feeds her, Still not needing any sort of bib because she is sparkling clean after every feeding… such a girl… well except for the birthday cake… see below 🙂

She is just now walking a ton, She crawls still especially if she has a long way to go to her destination but you can tell she is pretty darn proud of herself when she waddles on over to something in her drunken wobbly steps.

She continues to be our great little sleeper, sleeping through the night but waking up around 6:00 for her Daddy to help him get ready for the day, She says very few “words” but the only one that I can really hear is “Da!!!” in the morning… too cute!

She loves all toys especially if they are not toys like my phone, my keys etc. or if they are Bennett’s favorite toy and it will make him scream, she loves those the most. They have just started “playing” together a bit more and it warmed my heart this morning watching them cook me breakfast at their new kitchen.

She has these large sparkly eyes and continues to warm my heart each day. I love how much she reminds me of myself, something I know will drive me nuts when she is a teen… but until them I think it is darling. I can not wait to see what this next year with Annie brings us! I love you sweet girl!029055  024 063 019 014 013 011 016 The morning of her Birthday… Bennett was Soooo excited to bring out the present he helped us get her!008Bennett “helping” me make the marshmallow hearts… yum!

 002image22Our sweet invitationsIMG_1533

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