A week in the life of us…

I knew the time would come when my love of capturing our little fabulous moments would be outweighed by our busier moments with two kids. We seem to be running between fun things and doing a lot less reflecting on our day… But over the last couple weeks I have grabbed the camera and thought… I really really want to remember this… So here is my attempt at the cute moments of the last couple weeks here with Us…

Our little lady is quite the forker… loves avacados but hates how gross and sticky they are, bring on the fork!008 The boys out mowing the lawn… we got this mower for B when he was around 18 months… it never gets old!012-001 Annies Birthday celebration with Grandma and Grandpa Olsen, we went out to pizza and Bennett was in rare form… cracking up all the staff… so cute!015 And the best part of the party was this little egg that Grandma and Grandpa Olsen brought B… After submerged in water for a day it starts cracking and a lizard hatches out… B has been mesmerized. He brought it with him everywhere the last two days and kept talking about how when the lizard hatches out he was going to crawl around and be his friend… we have been talking a lot about how it is a “toy” lizard and his dissappointment broke my heart… maybe he will ask Santa for a Turtle…024 025 036 Making paper chains at Grandma Jones’ they were soooo proud of themselves038 Making some pizza!063

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