Seaside Extravaganza 2013

Last year we started this great tradition to take the kids down to Seaside Oregon. We couldn’t wait to go again this year and once again we invited the sun! We stayed in condos and it was a blast. The kids loved running from room to room, having slumber parties, heading to the beach, flying the red barron kite, feeding the seals, the carousel and we couldn’t do Seaside without hitting Pronto Pup for some corn dogs.

The guys fit in some time at Maddie’s basketball tourney down here. I love seeing the kids having so much fun together. It occurred to me earlier this week that we are hitting that age with Bennett that he will actually be able to recall these great memories as an adult. He will remember the craziness of having 7 children under 5 years old in two hotel rooms and I know someday he will understand the magic that is this amazing family he was born into… it was hard to ignore as those kids scampered around on the beach all playing together… Here is 6 of the 7…436 479 502 510 513 534Reece and B ready to feed the seals their fish…553 555 571 Uncle Joel taking the kiddos for a potty break on the boardwalk580We even hit the outdoor pool and I jumped at the chance to get this little one in her swim suit… she LOVED the pool!595 600-001 603 616If you look closely you can see three dads sitting in the kitty pool with the three big kids… this is the view from our room  625 657 662Popcorn and cartoons with Grandma!!  644

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