It’s a…

So a major bonus of having to see a high risk pregnancy specialist is… early gender confirmation! Apparently since I was pregnant with Annie they have started to offer a blood test in the first trimester to screen for the top 5 chromosomal abnormalities and as a sidenote they determine gender. They did the blood draw at our last appointment and I have spent the last couple weeks agonizing over what our next little person in our family is going to be. Obviously our first priority is a healthy babe but we (me mostly) couldn’t wait to find out.

Since I knew I would be finding out over the phone in a less than memorable moment I was looking forward to a small gender reveal with the grandparents and I had the time to plan something during the few week wait.

I got the phone call this last monday. I started calling people like the aunts, Jeanie, Jania, Katie, and Shannon barely being able to hold in my excitement! and I blurted it out to Joel right as he walked in the door that night (even though he had originally planned on not finding out for a while… I was too exctied to keep it a secret). I then filled this cute white box with paper easter grass and a big sign that said “baby …….!” I think that both grandmas were hoping for a little sister so close in age for Annie… and here is the verdict…001 007 010 011 014 017

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