The Easter Bunny

It has been a busy year with the new little sister on the way and this week having the surgery but even with all our craziness the Easter Bunny made sure he came and made our morning special. It has been a boring weekend and this morning was another fun magical morning with the kids running in Pajamas, us in our pajamas struggling to the coffee machine (even tho I am on decaf I cant live without it) and giggles all about.

Bennett made sure the back door was unlocked last night so that the Easter bunny could get in so when he awoke to see these hoppy little prints he was not in the slightest surprised. He was very matter a fact like “duh mom those are from the Easter Bunny when he brought in our treats” Even Annie wandered around finding eggs throughout the living room although he bucket was also filled with princess toys, legos etc. She had the right idea. Thanks Easter Bunny, See ya next year!044 055 064

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