16 weeks!

It seems so weird to be 16 weeks pregnant already. When I was pregnant with Bennett I could tell you exactly how many days left in my pregnancy at any given moment and with Annie I counted the weeks as they slowly rolled by… With this little lady I am asked how far a long and it takes me a bit before I usually just say “I am due in September” Not that I am any less excited but I have found a lot less time to worry and count the seconds. Turns out these two little ones are keeping me pretty busy and the weeks have flown by. I can not believe in a short 24 week our third child will be here!

Today I went to see Dr Wall and an amazing ultrasound tech spent a ton of time looking at our little girl just for fun (our official anatomy scan in scheduled for next month). We counted toes, fingers, kidneys, heart chambers, the works. She looks so sweet and happy in there and I wasn’t surprised to hear she is a busy girl in there (just like our Annie was on ultrasound)

Here is our little lady at 16 weeks.016 021 020

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