Wenatchee Marathon

After my half marathon in Leavenworth last October I set a goal of under a 10 minute mile at the Wenatchee half marathon in April. But as it turns out I also had some other life goals and having our third little person looks like it came before the half marathon goal for now. But this little change in plans was not stopping me from heading over to Wenatchee for my Birthday weekend to celebrate these 4 amazing women complete their goals.

We stayed at Wenatchee Confluence State Park and it was a great place to watch the     marathon because it came through the park 3 times. I loved the atmosphere around this event. Everyone celebrating their hard work and successes. I am so proud of all four of them. It was so inspirational watching them that I must admit it has maybe convinced me to try for the full marathon next time… we will see. (as you can easily tell the finish line pics are taken by Ryan, Thank you!)0620692013-04-20-10-15-24_rts-IMG_9795-0012013-04-20-13-40-29_rts-6Y5A05062013-04-20-13-40-40_rts-6Y5A05202013-04-20-11-58-05_rts-6Y5A0449

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