March for Babies 2013

This is the third year that we have been involved with the March for Babies here in Thurston County. It is a lot of work for Joel throughout the year as he is involved in the donation and raffle of the car through his work and I have also been involved with coordinating family team information and correspondence. But as the day arrives I am quickly reminded what this day is all about. It isn’t as much about the funds raised (although we sincerely appreciate donations for this great cause), it is more about rallying around our little man that has come so far in the past 4 years.

Bennett still doesn’t understand what the day is about but he knows everyone gets to wear their “Bennett shirt” and that everyone he loves is usually there. He runs around like a crazy boy from person to person chatting and giggling. It truly warms my heart to see how lucky our kids are to have such great friends and family so close and supportive.

Thank you again to everyone that donated or came to walk. It means the world to us and someday when Bennett looks back at these pictures of all these people that adore him I know it will make him understand that although he had a rough go in the beginning he came through it because he is loved!064 082-001 065-001 067-001 083-001 078-001 072-001 086 094-001 121-001 102-001 115-001 137-002

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